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  Is your Facebook fan page a little on the plain side? Perhaps it's so boring your mom hesitated before clicking the "like" button. Most fan pages (sometimes called Business pages) are dull and boring, and that's actually good news for you. It means it won't be that hard to upgrade your page with a few extras that will make your page stand out in the crowd.

  Perhaps that's why you found this site! You have recognized the need to improve your page so that it will deserve to be noticed. That just be a lot easier than you ever thought possible now that you have landed here. Right now, you have available to you tools and features you could spend days scouring the internet and not find elsewhere without paying through the nose month after month. And you don't have to learn to install, configure and use antother plugin, program or script. I'll take care of the boring technical stuff so you have more time to tend to your business. There are many things that can be done for very little so if you are on a tight budget you can relax. You have found the right place at the right time, your "secret weapon" if you will.

   Perhaps the single most important thing you can do is to ask your pages visitors to connect with you. Please allow me to explain exactly what I mean by that. Asking them to become a "fan" by liking your page is only part of the equation. And not the first part of it, for that matter. What I'm about to suggest is a tried and true marketing stragety that virtually every highly successful marketer employs on their website(s). Please bear with me for a moment, because at first your instints might tell you it won't work on Facebook. I have solved the problem that formally made this technique difficult to implement.

  You need to focus first and foremost on persuading your fan page and web site visitors to join your opt-in list. That won't be as hard for you as it is for others who haven't discovered what you have. You won't just be asking them to subscribe or opt-in, like everyone else. You will be asking them to do something much more appealing. You are asking them to connect with you through Facebook! A much more appropriate request in today's social media minded climate. Go ahead, try it:

  Now wasn't that painless? It's also very familiar to Facebook users so the bail-out rate tends to be very low. And best of all, you capture their registered Facebook email address. It's extremely likely that it will be their primary email, the one they check often. You now have a great shot at your messages being seen and read. And you can still use web forms if you want to, but this gives them another option and that is a good thing for everyone. Now you are in a position to warm them up to your offers and get those likes and shares we all want. For more information visit the custom opt-in app page. At this point, that is the only sales page I have finished. However, every tool you see in use on this site, I can install for you on your fan page or website/blog. I offer follow me social tabs, intelligent navigation, exit pops, custom drop-ins, peel away ads, viral bar and much more coming soon. I hope you do stay connected because I have a lot more ideas to share with you. And I will be happy to install my cutting edge web tools on your fan page and/or website.

  Also worthy of noting is, I also offer many off-Facebook marketing solutions such as high conversion custom squeeze pages. Here is an example of one I did for Joyce's Famous Pizza. I can do one for you no matter what product or service you offer. Do you have another project you need done? Let's talk, perhaps I can help. If you have questions or need anything at all feel free to open a support ticket. Talk to you soon!

       Pat Vojtaskovic

P.S. In case you are wondering, the opt-in application has been approved by Facebook.

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